New EP Review (COME HOME by CalledOut Music)

CalledOut Music

This man is definitely not a stranger to our ears. He is a British singer, songwriter and producer. Born in 1995, he has worked on his music so much through his years that he has gotten international recognition quite early in his career.

We know him from his smash hits such as Love Around and My Prayer. If you still don’t know these songs you can catch them playing on our frequency anytime!

So now, he has decided to drop his new EP just a few days ago and just from the first listen, it’s a treat!

Photo Credits : Olori Media Hub

The EP is a love letter to God. He talks about how his heart is conflicted sometimes but the only way he can prove that he truly loves God is by doing his will everyday. This is on the song “No Better Day”. He acclaims that he is truly sold out to the cause of God and he is ready for whatever comes his way as long as it brings him closer to God. This is on “I’m Yours”

He shares throughout the songs how God is a good father and we couldn’t agree more. The sound of the EP is amazing, from RnB type instrumentals to acoustic worship. If you are a lover of music you should definitely sample the full project. We are happy about how God is using him and we pray he sticks around for much longer to give us more music.

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