LSK President Nelson Havi laughs off suspension.

Feb, 10th 2021 – The law society counsel has suspended President Nelson Havi from office until March 27, when he will defend himself at the  AGM ahead of vote to decide his fate.

The suspension of Havi is after the counsel held a Special General Meeting in January that was called to discuss the appointment of auditors to probe LSK’s books of accounts and deliberate on an impeachment motion against the LSK President.

Havi has however responded saying the current LSK counsel has no power to suspend him .

In a tweet he said ;

The 8 suspended Council Members do not have power to suspend President Nelson Havi. That is a preserve of Members in a General Meeting. The ‘suspension’ is a nullity ab initio intended to conceal theft of Society’s money. I continue to serve till end of term on 24.3.2022.

Months of infighting have split the LSK into two factions one backing Havi and another on CEO Mercy Wambua’s side.

Mercy Wambua sued the LSK last year to stop her removal, and the High Court issued orders barring the discussion of the case or her removal at the SGM.

That was not to be as the two factions traded accusations in the course of the meeting. Havi has accused Wambua of sabotage, while the CEO maintained that a false narrative was being created against her.

The LSK president has been in office for just under 11 months now, but his term has been divisive as he now leads one of two factions at the LSK, which are in the middle of a vicious battle for control of the institution.

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