Government sets aside funds to safeguard learners amid Covid-19

Feb, 8th 2021 – Education CS Professor George Magoha says the government has set aside funds for schools, to ensure the safety of the learners amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking at Mwiki Primary while launching facemasks for learners in schools, he said the use of face masks by learners is necessary and cautioned against incorrect use of the gear, urging teachers to train the learners on the proper use of the masks.

On matters to do with indiscipline, the CS warned the learners against causing chaos in schools, saying they are liable to criminal prosecution.

He added that school principals and teachers on duty will be held accountable for incidents of student unrest. He said that the government is worried over the incidents leading to loss of infrastructure worth millions of shillings.

He said that teachers have the responsibility of ensuring that these incidents don’t happen. He said, “From now onwards we shall ask the teacher, when the building was getting burnt, where were you? Who was on duty? Who was the prefect on duty at that time? We have systems that must work.”

He added that the Ministry of Education is aware of students being under the use of drugs saying that the culprits will be caught and dealt with accordingly. He said, “When we catch the culprit who thinks he has the powers to burn a building that has been constructed with public money then you know what to do…from 8 years, for those who didn’t know, you’re culpable to criminal prosecution.”

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) believes that the solution is not to re-introduce corporal punishment but to progressively shut down all boarding schools.

KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion said, “How do you cane a teenager who has been free out there? Control of children requires parenting, and that is why we’re suggesting very strongly that Kenya is mature enough to eliminate the boarding school system so that children can go home and come back.”

National Assembly Committee on Education has however recommended regular tests on students suspected of drug use.

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