2 year old dies in Kisumu demolitions

Feb, 8th 2021 – Victims of demolitions in Kibos Kisumu county say that a two-year-old boy died during the operation. Kisumu governor yesterday led the county leaders in observing a moment of silence for the lost lives. He condemned the exercise that rendered thousands of people homeless.

According to reports, the minor was trapped under one of the demolished homes. The governor Prof. Anyang Nyong’o said this exercise was conducted in the most inhumane way.

He further said that an 18 acre piece of land has been set aside to resettle the evictees promising to resettle the families with humanitarian support. 

These demolition took place during the night catching many residents by surprise. Kenya railways bulldozers moved in to demolish the houses at night rendering thousands of families homeless by the break of dawn.

The demolition took place under tight security as police officers threw teargas canisters to evict the families forcefully from their homes. The families had earlier pleaded with the government to be spared as they had no other refuge.

During the process, property of unknown worth was destroyed as families tried to rescue their belongings. According to reports, Kenya Railways had issues a notice for the families to vacate to pave way for reconstruction of the Nakuru Kisumu railway line.

Sheikh Musa, Chairman of the Muslim faith in Kisumu condemned the demolitions, especially of the Mosque. He said, “I am shocked that even the Mosque, which is only adjacent and not standing on KR land, had to be pulled down.”

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