Police deny knowledge of driver who allegedly killed a disabled man

Feb, 5th 2021 – Police have denied knowledge of the driver who allegedly killed Chris Nderitu in the convoy to Sagana State lodge for a meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Police spokesman Charles Owino says he is unaware of who the government-registered high-end vehicles were released to, on the day of the accident that killed the 45-year-old man leaving his kin distraught. He says investigations are underway to ensure justice for the bereaved family.

He said, “Unfortunately I had not found out as at the time I came here on whether the vehicle has been identified. But I hope when I go back I will find out.”

He added, “The family should rest assured that we shall follow procedures strictly no matter which vehicle was involved in crushing the person.”

The accident is said to have occurred after one of the vehicles tried to overtake the others in the convoy. Thy deceased had left home to the shopping center, in the company of one of his relatives.

His aunt Jecinta Wanjira said, “We saw the vehicles coming from Chaka at a very high speed. I cautioned Chris about how dangerous they were moving but he told me not to worry because he was sure they could see him and keep to their side of the road.”

Wanjira said that the accident happened as the vehicle was overtaking other vehicles. Chris was rushed to hospital where he was confirmed dead. She stated, “He died while being taken to the hospital. He had a student in secondary.”

The family has since recorded a statement with the police in Nyeri awaiting investigations.

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