Recruitment for General Assembly’s secretary General launched.

5th Feb 202“1 United Nations, United States of America, The UN Security Council and General Assembly, have launched the recruitment process for the next secretary-general – a post currently held by Antonio Guterres who has announced his will to seek a second term.

Guterres who is a master of behind-the-scenes diplomacy who served for a decade as High Commissioner for Refugees does not have a great track record at conflict resolution in hotspots such as Syria and Yemen. He has defended his record and insists he raises the issue of human rights more than the leaders of some democratic countries.

In mid-2019, he shifted his priorities to put combating climate change front and center on his agenda. “I don’t pretend I rule the world. My main objective is to make as much noise as I can” about the perils of climate change, he said.

Although Guterres has faced criticism from several non-governmental groups, who claim he is not competent at defending human rights globally, he enjoys broad support at the General Assembly and the Security Council, including its five permanent members the US, Russia, China, France and Britain.

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