NCIC speaks on state of politics in the country

Feb, 3rd 2021 – The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC), has today given an official statement on the state of politics in the country. The body has condemned the toxicity of baseless politics that have evoked chaos in one way or another.

The National Assembly’s national security committee led by Kiambaa MP Paul Koinange also wants NCIC to include class as a basis for incitement and discrimination. Mr. Koinange said, “The NCIC had requested for strengthening of the Act to make it harsher so as to deter hate speech. As part of that strengthening, incitement along class lines will come up.”

Members of Parliament however want the hustler and dynasty narrative treated as hate speech. He said, “There is no difference between those inciting people along tribal lines and those doing so along class lines. The law needs to catch up with new forms of hate.”

Clergy and civil society groups have also shown their concerns saying that it is unfortunate that politicians are the main catalysts of the chaos. They have called on the National Police Service and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption to deal with politicians inciting chaos ahead of the General Election.

Retired Christ Is The Answer Ministries Bishop David Oginde said, “We have spoken about it before. The balkanization and political rhetoric that we are seeing is not good at all. If it continues like this, we are likely to witness the violence that we saw in 2007. It is time politicians change their narratives and the manner in which they push their agenda.”

NCIC however warned those taking advantage of the vulnerable youth, of a close watch with the intention of holding them into account. He expressed expectations on political parties to be the leaders who make representative democracy a reality. He says this is the key for diversity and cohesion in the nation 

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