Koskei Orders Cabinet Secretaries to Reduce Advisors to One

Head of Public Service Felix Koskei has issued a directive to all Cabinet Secretaries instructing them to retain only one advisor each, effectively leading to the dismissal of additional advisors. In a letter dated July 8, Koskei clarified that the Presidency had revised the allocation of advisors to Cabinet Secretaries, reducing the number from two to one.

“Additionally, the number of personal staff attached to you will remain as set out in the Public Service Commission guidelines being two (2) staffers,”

This reduction is in accordance with President William Ruto’s directive to cut the number of government advisors by 50% immediately.

Last week, President Ruto revealed that there would be a probability of trimming the advisory board during an interview with journalists at State House.

The Chief of Staff, as a result, directed the CSs to assess their staffers and hand in the name of the advisor they wish to retain.

He further asked them to submit the names to the Public Service Commission by Thursday, July 11, 2024.

“You are requested to assess the requirements of your office and indicate the advisor you would wish to retain to support you in the discharge of your portfolio mandate,” he added.

“Any advisors beyond the set threshold will be immediately phased out from the Public Service.”

At the time, the Head of State explained that his administration would ponder on who to let go in an effort to restore the public’s trust in his government.

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