India preacher denies responsibility into death of 120 during religious event

The preacher who led an overcrowded gathering in India where more than 120 people were crushed to death on Tuesday has denied blame, and pledged to co-operate with the police investigation.

A lawyer for the self-styled guru known as Bhole Baba said  the crush occurred “due to some anti-social elements”, and blamed a “criminal conspiracy hatched against” his client.

Bhole Baba  noted that  will fully co-operate with the investigation.

Nearly all those killed were women and children, who were attending the satsang – a Hindu religious festival – in Hathras district.

Mr Singh also denied reports that security guards at the festival triggered panic by pushing away people who tried to get Bhole Baba’s blessing.

“Totally false allegation,” Mr Singh told the BBC. “Security staff always provide help to the followers.”

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