Mutua: Tourism is booming despite political unrest

Tourism and Wildlife Cabinet Secretary Dr. Alfred Mutua has confirmed that the sector is experiencing high bookings despite sustained protests across the country sparked by budget proposals.

Mutua said the new bookings have been on the rise, with only a few postponements primarily for events.

He emphasized that the sector remains stable and ready for the peak season, assuring that the government will implement measures and policies to enhance safety and security to foster growth.

“While there have been a few postponements of bookings, mainly for events, new bookings are also coming in. Our upward trend has slowed slightly, but the sector remains stable, and Kenya is ready for the ongoing high season,” he said.

“Our national parks, beaches, museums, and other attractions continue to draw many visitors. Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Nakuru, and Tsavo are fully booked without any disruptions. The increase in numbers translates to more revenue for the country and numerous new job opportunities, especially for the youth.”

The CS further emphasized that the tourism sector is vital to Kenya’s economy, being one of the largest employers with 80 percent of its workforce comprising the youth.

Additionally, he underscored the critical need for stability within the sector, emphasizing that disruptions inevitably result in job losses and hindered employment prospects.

“Tourism contributed about Ksh.353 billion to the Kenyan economy last year and has been on an upward trend. We aim to see this sector grow significantly, targeting Ksh.700 billion per year in the next few years.”

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