Former Pres. Uhuru Kenyatta protests violation of his presidential benefits

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Retired President Uhuru Kenyatta now claims that the government of the day has not appropriated close to one billion shillings of the total allocation for his office by parliament in the last two fiscal years.

Kenyatta claims that the govt has also blatantly violated his rights under the Presidential Benefits Act by refusing to allocate his office new cars and renew the contract of two employees working in the office of the former president.

“The office still awaits communication on why they blatantly refused to renew contracts of 2 professional staff members. There’s also the issue of unceremonious withdrawal and intimidation of staff via phone calls at midnight,” Kanze stated. 

“There were fuel cards that were issued as well as the maintenance of the vehicles but that has not been done because the cards were blocked in the month of March 2023 to date. They were cancelled and blocked by the State House,” she added. 

Speaking to the media, the director of communications in Kenyatta’s office Kanze Dena has revealed that the former president has been footing his own bills including his international missions excluding one in Ethiopia and Burundi.

At the same time, Kanze Dena says the office of the fourth president was not consulted in coming up with the 2025 2026 budget estimates fearing that the government might also fail to appropriate their estimates in the next financial year.

“In the year 2022/2023 parliament allocated to this office Ksh.655 million. To date the office can only confirm spending of Ksh.28 million spread across payment of allowance for domestic travel as well as facilitation of the 2 official trips that have been honored so far,” she noted.

This as she called upon the auditor general to swing in action and bring to light the matters raised by the office.

The former president’s office has also alluded to intimidation of staff and unceremonious withdrawal of personnel working for the wife of the first former president, Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

According to Kanze Dena, the govt has never reinstated the security personnel withdrawn by the govt in March of 2023

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