South Africa’s DA Faces Backlash Over Election Ad Featuring Burning Flag

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in South Africa is under fire for their recent election Advert depicting the national flag in flames.

While it’s not illegal to burn the flag in South Africa, many find it deeply offensive, seeing it as a symbol of unity and freedom. Critics are demanding the ad be pulled, arguing that it disrespects the struggles of the past and undermines national cohesion.

In the ad, the burning flag is shown with a voice-over warning that life will worsen under the ruling African National Congress (ANC). As the flag is restored, viewers are urged to support the DA, with the message that the election is about the survival of the country.

However, this depiction has sparked outrage, with many accusing the DA of exploiting a national symbol for political gain. Former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela called the burning of the flag “ill-advised” and a sign of disrespect.

DA officials defend the ad, claiming it’s a symbolic representation of the future South Africa faces if change doesn’t happen. They’re surprised by the backlash, citing no previous issues with their other ads.

Despite their defense, there’s concern that the ad could backfire, turning off voters and deepening apathy. South African foreign office official Clayson Monyela has warned that the outrage is justified and could have a negative impact on voter turnout.

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