Putin Inaugurated For Fifth term as Russian President

Photo Courtesy[Times of Israel]

Freshly inaugurated Russian president Vladimir Putin will continue in his position of leadership after he took oath of office at the palace of the Kremlin marking the beginning of another six-year term after leading the country for almost a quarter of a century. 

Putin won the 2024 Russian election by getting 88.48% of the total vote in what witnessed the highest voter turnout in the country’s history to date, with approximately 77% of the nations population going to the vote.

This will be the 5th time Putin will have taken the oath of office, thanking the Russian people for their support and affirming that the stability and security of Russia will be his priority.

He went on to further highlight the fact that the country is at a critical time , facing many challenges at a domestic and foreign level, the latest being the attack on a concert hall that saw many people killed during the incident.

Putin is however not new to the position of president in Russia and will now lead Russia for the next six years, after which when complete, will see him become the longest serving leader of Russia in History surpassing Joseph Stalin.

Furthermore, Putin faces a difficult task at hand in leading he country that at the moment has faced threats internationally and even domestically, making ensuring security and safety more important than ever.

Earlier on , on Putin’s order, for the first time Russia announced nuclear drills after claiming western threats, with the Russian defense ministry stating that the exercises will be used to increase preparedness of nuclear forces to carry out missions.

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