Clash Between Power and Faith as Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s Church is demolished

Former Nairobi Gubernatorial aspirant and the founder of Jesus is Alive Ministries Bishop Margaret Wanjiru found herself in the midst of chaos on Wednesday when mysterious group invaded her church, Jesus is Alive Ministries and began to demolish it.
While addressing the press, Bishop Wanjiru has accused the government claiming that the move was politically motivated thus infringes his rights and those of Kenyans.

”I wasn’t campaigning to be repaid like this, it is very sad that this is the same government that we campaigned for. I am yet to believe that they can do this to me, I am the one who sold UDA in Nairobi.” The Bishop lamented, her voice tinged with disbelief.

”I am the one who gave UDA vision for Nairobi, today our church is full of police and they are all armed. It is sad. The same way those in government say there is God in heaven, there is also a God in Church.” Wanjiru claimed.

The scene grew more tense when police brought reinforcements and physically assaulted and robbed of her phone, thus injuring her.
Despite her injuries, she bravely stood her ground and confronted the police and vowed to seek medical attention once the issue surrounding her church is resolved.

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