Deputy President Queries Coast Leaders’ Silence on Regional Drug Menace

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has expressed concern over the perceived silence of coastal leaders on the issue of drug and substance abuse in the region

Speaking at the Illicit Alcohol And Drug Eradication Conference in Mombasa, the Deputy President has called on coastal leaders to actively address the drug menace and collaborate with the government in finding effective solutions.

“There is a serious crisis in Mombasa and the leadership is quiet. At least I can attest that Nyali MP Mohamed Ali has been vocal about the issue…But other leaders are quiet.”

“Why are leaders at the coast quiet as our young population is being killed and destroyed by drugs? Gachgaua posed.

The Deputy President further hinted  that the Coast region has been lagging behind the rest of the country in addressing the issue of drug abuse. 

“Tumepanga mkutano kuzungumzia mambo ya hapa kwao wengine hawajakuja (We have planned for this meeting to discuss their local issues and some are not even here).”

“Why are some leaders not present in this forum? This is a very important conference to discuss the very existence of our population in the region. This is a conversation that every elected leader should be part of because there is a serious problem,” Gachagua said.

He directed blame at the judicial system for what he perceived as a lack of effectiveness in handling cases related to illicit brew.

Gachagua and his wife Dorcas Rigathi have been steadfast in the fight arguing that productive youth were losing their fruitful years to alcohol and addiction.

In the past month, illicit alcohol led to the death of 17 individuals in Kirinyaga County leading to a raft of directives including the closure of all clubs and bars for fresh licensing exercise.


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