ODPP files notice to appeal Maribe’s acquittal

The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions will be appealing against a High Court decision that acquitted former TV News anchor Jacque Maribe in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

The DPP in its notice of appeal says they are dissatisfied with the decision of trial Judge Grace Nzioka that acquitted Maribe in the murder case and they will appeal part of the judgment that set her free.

Maribe was acquitted on Friday last week as her co-accused Jowie Irungu was convicted of the murder.

Nzioka in acquitting Maribe said there was no evidence that she ever communicated with Monica.

The judge ruled that the evidence adduced by the prosecution against Maribe did not place her in the house of the deceased on the fateful night therefore exonerating her from the charge.

“There was no evidence that she had ever communicated with the deceased. The evidence that the prosecution has brought before this court on the second accused person relates to events of September 20, 2018, and that is the shooting incident,” noted Justice Nzioka.

The judge however pointed out that Maribe had been found to have given contradicting information while recording her earlier statements on how Jowie sustained a gunshot wound, terming the offence as giving misleading information to a public servant.

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