LSK sues Supreme Court of Kenya after ban on city lawyer to appear before it

LSK President Eric Theuri, [Photo: Courtesy]

The supreme court of Kenya could have a case to answer at the high court after the Law Society of Kenya moved to challenge its order barring Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi from appearing before it.

The lawyers’ body said the decision to bar Ahmednasir together with employees of his law firm is unconstitutional and unreasonable, arguing that the city lawyer was never given an opportunity to be heard.

“It failed to consider other avenues of redress that were available,” reads the petition.

“A democratic country requires pluralism, tolerance and broadminded which respectfully, the Supreme Court has failed to exercise,” reads court papers.

In the case filed under a certificate of urgency, LSK further accused the supreme court of failing to consider  the harm that would be caused to the lawyer and his employees as well as his clients.

The LSK now wants the decision made by the judges quashed and further foots the petitioner’s bill and damages.

The Supreme Court, in a strongly-worded letter drafted by Registrar L.M Wachira, barred Ahmednasir and employees of his law firm from filing cases before it over what it termed as incessant attacks.

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