Judiciary gets Additional Budgetary Support After State House Meeting

the Judiciary is poised to receive a substantial budget increase following discussions between President William Ruto and Chief Justice Martha Koome. 

State House spokesman Hussein Mohammed in a statement said  this enhanced budget aims to optimize service delivery efficiency and intensify the ongoing battle against corruption.

“The Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary agree to individually develop policies, guidelines, regulations and legislative proposals to achieve the objectives of fighting corruption, improving service delivery and enhancing institutional accountability of all arms of Government to the people of Kenya,” read a communique from State House Spokesperson Hussein Mohammed.

A notable allocation from the funds will be directed towards the recruitment of 36 judges, a move aimed at bolstering the judiciary’s capacity. Furthermore, the Executive and the Legislature have expressed their commitment to supporting the Judiciary’s request for additional budgetary resources, underlining a collaborative approach to fortify the justice system.

However, these positive strides have not been without criticism. 

Opposition leader Raila Odinga earlier voiced concerns, accusing Chief Justice Martha Koome of irresponsibility following her meeting with President William Ruto at State House. 

Odinga, speaking in Lamu, expressed apprehension that such interactions could compromise the independence of the judiciary, given the symbolic significance of the State House as the seat of the executive. The critique from Odinga underscores the delicate balance between collaboration and potential risks to the judiciary’s autonomy.

The agenda of the meeting  was to end the stand-off between the Executive and Judiciary over allegations of corruption.

Early this month, President Ruto accused the Judiciary of teaming up with cartels to stall his legacy projects.

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