Odinga condemns recent femicide cases as threat to homeland security

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has described as a threat to homeland security the increasing number of women dying out of gender based violence in accommodation houses.

In a statement, Odinga has condemned the death of a 24 year old woman whose dismembered body was found in an airbnb in Roysambu and one starlet Wahu saying their deaths cannot become the new normal

“The ugly scourge of murder of women is now a national emergency. It is a threat to homeland security. It must come to an end.” Statement reads.

The opposition chief adds that the death has left a trail of grief to their families and friends and has called on authorities to swing into action because it is a national emergency.

“It is sad to see a troubling increase in the deaths of young women, leaving a trail of grief for families and friends. The abnormality of these murders cannot become the new normal,” statements adds.

This as the suspect in the gruesome murder of the 24 year old lady will be arraigned in court Wednesday after police nabbed him at the JKIA

Police said the suspect, allegedly a Mozambican was Abuja bound but his trip was interjected following an intel from the airport authorities owing to suspicion on his identity. 

This prompted the swift action of the police and he spent the night at the Kasarani police station.

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