Odinga: State officials are the Middlemen in Uganda’s oil importation

Opposition leader Raila Odinga says officials in the Kenya Kwanza government are responsible for Uganda’s withdrawal on their reliance of Kenya for oil importation.

While making revelations on the recent government to government oil deal that was signed between Kenya and the middle eastern nations, Odinga says the official  have inflated oil prices up to 59 percent causing pressure of supply to the landlocked nation

”Uganda announced they will no longer purchase petroleum products because middlemen have inflated prices. The middlemen President Museveni is talking about are Kenyan government officials,” he said. 

While announcing that the G to G deal entered by the Government for importation of petroleum products with companies in the United Arab Emirates and the Saudi Arabia is a scam, Odinga further stated that Kenyans have been bearing the brunt of a charge incurred by the the exporters  who have taking days before clearing  the consignment in the mombasa port

Museveni had on November 5 announced the cancellation of purchase from Kenya, noting that Uganda had been importing petroleum products of the magnitude of 2.5 billion litres per annum valued at about US$ 2bn.

“Without my knowledge, our wonderful People were buying this huge quantity of petroleum products from middlemen in Kenya. A whole country buying from middlemen in Kenya or anywhere else!! Amazing but true,” he said.

He questioned why the petroleum products were not bought from the Refineries abroad and transported through Kenya and Tanzania, which he believed would cut out the cost created by middlemen.

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