”It is my oil,” Businesswoman Njoroge says after resurfacing from 4 days of abduction

Businesswoman Anne Njoroge who is linked to the 17 billion shillings oil importation deal, insists that the 100,000 metric tonnes consignment of diesel belongs to her.

Speaking after she was arraigned at the Mombasa court following four days of mysterious disappearance, Anne Njororge says she did not sell her consignment to Galana Kulalu or transact any business with the company.

Njorge has also denied forging any of her documents to facilitate her importation business.

This as the Kenya Ports Authority chairman Benjamin Tayari and managing director Captain William Ruto have dismissed Njoroge’s claim of ownership of the diesel as untrue.  

KPA says records in their possession show that the vessel was carrying 93,460 metric tonnes of gas oil as opposed to the 100,000 metric tonnes of diesel as claimed by Ann Njoroge.

The gasoil was loaded between 26th and 28th September at Yanbu – Samref terminal, after which she departed for anchorage at Jeddah

The ship departed for Mombasa on September 30th according to KPA.

Njoroge  also recounted her unfortunate disappearance during the four days she was missing saying she was held hostage by unknown men and was dropped at Nyayo estate in Embakasi last evening.

“They told me were going to a different office to record another statement, but when I got outside, I found Karanja and a Yuris who asked me if I was on any medication,” Ms Njoroge recalled.

“They told me we were going somewhere, and If I’m on any medication, I should tell them.”

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