Atwoli wants Cotu representation in EPRA board

Cotu boss Francis Atwoli wants a representation of workers in the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority board.

In a statement, Atwoli, says the representative will ensure the concerns of workers are voiced in regulatory decisions that affect energy pricing.

“COTU (K) represents the interests of workers across various sectors, including those in the energy industry. Given the significant impact of electricity prices on workers and their households, workers must be represented on the EPRA Board,” Atwoli stated.

Atwoli emphasized COTU (K)’s expertise in the energy sector, stating that their knowledge of labor issues and the complexities of the energy market could significantly enrich discussions within the EPRA Board, resulting in more informed decisions.

“COTU (K) will act as a liaison between workers and EPRA, fostering better communication and understanding of each other’s perspectives,” he said, emphasizing that worker representation could serve as a bridge between laborers and EPRA.

By amending Section 12 of the Energy Act, 2019, the Cotu boss says the representation will realize valuable insights into the social and economic implications of electricity pricing decisions.

He claimed that this amendment would result in a more equitable and inclusive approach to energy pricing decisions that would benefit both workers and consumers.

“The inclusion of diverse key players like COTU (K) in the EPRA board enhances transparency in regulatory decisions. It ensures that the interests of different segments of society are taken into account, fostering greater public trust in the regulatory process,” he said.

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