Baby Sagini’s cousin handed 40 years jail term for harming minor

Junior Sagini lying in hospital bed, with full bandage after eyes operation, [Photo: NTV]

The main suspect found guilty of gouging out baby sagini’s eyes, Maina Ochogo, has been sentenced to 40 years in prison.

A Kisii court has also sentenced His grandmother Rael Nyakerario to 5 years and his aunty Pacificah Nyakerario to 10 years in prison.

The judgment, which was supposed to be rendered last week Friday, but postponed due to the protests, comes after Sagini’s relatives were found guilty of the gouging the three year old’s eyes to blindness on July 7th this year

Baby Sagini had his eyes gouged out after being kidnapped for six hours. His case has gripped the country’s attention since it was first reported.

On February 2, the suspects’ charges were dropped from the initial attempted murder to grievous bodily harm, due to a lack of enough evidence.

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