LSK offers to mediate the standoff between govt and opposition

The law society of Kenya has offered to mediate between the government and opposition to achieve  a lasting solution to the challenges facing the country.

The LSK president Eric Theuri while terming the unrest currently witnessed in the country a detriment to national unity has castigate dthe push and pull between the leaders leading the hardline.

He has also condemned the police for using excessive  force while containing the protesters.

This as Thirteen western countries that have pitched mission stations in Kenya have offered to mediate the standoff between President William Ruto and the opposition led by Raila Odinga.

The alliance led by the United Kingdom has asked for peaceful resolution of the current stalemate that has been occasioned by weekly demonstrations precipitating loss of lives and that have reeled off losses in businesses.

The 13 nations statement which has expressed readiness in helping Azimio and Kenya Kwanza come to a long lasting solution has come hot over heels an appeal by Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua to neighboring countries not to supply Kenya with teargas and other ammunition to disperse crowds during demonstrations.

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