Azimio to have three days of protests next week – Sifuna 

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has hinted at the opposition coalition stepping up its anti-government protests from next week.

According to Sifuna, the tri-weekly protests will take place from Monday to Wednesday and will end only when President William Ruto agrees to review the contentious Finance Act 2023.

“From next week, three days straight of maandamano, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday until William Ruto understands the people are suffering and repeals this law the same way that he imposed it upon them,” he said.

The ODM Secretary General emphasized that Kenyans are angry because the government has imposed high taxation despite the harsh economic times.

“The demonstrations are not Raila’s or Azimio’s, it is for the millions of Kenyans who want the high cost of living to come down,” Sifuna said.

Sifuna explained the motivation behind the weekly protests, saying that the Azimio coalition had adopted a new strategy of ‘shifts’ to allow more people to join the mass action.

At least nine people were killed during the protests in Kenya, as demonstrators took to the streets to protest the high cost of living.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga on Wednesday vowed not to bow out of protests until President William Ruto addresses the real issues.

The opposition chief said that it was not over until the real issues affecting Kenyans are addressed.

Raila said the protests will continue until Ruto looks into the contested Finance Act, 2023.

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