Petitioner moves to block inclusion of four in cabinet meetings

A petitioner has moved to court to challenge the decision by  president William Ruto to include four other  persons in his cabinet meetings.

The petitioner, Charles Mugabe says that the decision to allow the four respondents to attend cabinet meetings is unconstitutional.

He now wants the court to bar them from sitting and attending any cabinet meetings.

The four, National security advisor Monica Juma, her women counterpart Harriette Chiggai and economy’s David Ndii together with UDA Secretary general Cleophas Malala took oath of secrecy to be part of the cabinet meeting, in a move that has since sparked public debate.

“The said 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Respondents are not members of the Cabinet and in-fact hold other portfolios being the Secretary General of the UDA Party (the ruling party), The President’s Chief Economic Advisor, the President’s National Security advisor and the President’s advisor on women’s rights,” he argues.

It is his argument that the inclusion of the four did not conform to the constitution, being national values and principles of governance, including inter alia good governance, social justice, inclusiveness, equality, integrity, transparency, accountability, human rights, non-discrimination and fair administrative action.

According to article 152, a maximum number of 25 members are bound to attend the meeting that include a maximum number of 22 CSs, the president, his deputy, the attorney general and the secretary to the cabinet.

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