Principals deny exploit parents using uniforms

KESSHA Chairperson Kahi [Photo: Twitter-Indimuli Kahi]

Secondary School Heads in the country now say they do not need to be regulated over school uniform prices.

According to Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KESSHA) Chairperson Indimuli Kahi,  School Heads have not been doing business with uniforms in their institutions at the expense of parents, and the perception is not true.

Speaking during the ongoing 46th Kenya Secondary School Heads Conference in Mombasa, Kahi said the allegations come amid complaints from parents that they are forced to buy specific kinds of uniforms from specific sellers, raising questions about the legitimacy of the whole process.

He said schools are also subjected to the public procurement process by the government and that schools usually advertise for the supply of uniforms in the local dailies and in their websites.

“Meaning whoever will apply will competitively be picked. After this person has been competitively picked, there are two things,” noted Kahi.

He explained that after a supplier is picked, parents will be told to buy the uniforms from that specific supplier or the supplier will be asked to take the uniforms to school.

He further said uniforms should be separated from boarding items including mattresses and beddings, among other things.

The 46th Kenya Secondary School Heads Conference which started on Tuesday, will end on Friday.

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