Omtatah Has moved To court to petition Ruto Finance BIll

Activist Okiya Omtatah has made good his threat and presented a petition  to challenge proposed Finance Bill 2023, arguing it is a threat to human dignity.

In the petition, Okiya has argued that the bill is a threat to socio-economic rights that will result from the high cost of essential products that will ensue if it becomes law.

“Pending hearing and determination the court be pleased to issue orders suspending debate on sections 28,30 33,36 and 76of the Finance Bill 2023,” reads court papers

The Busia senator has picked issue with five sections of the finance bill and further asked court to issue a temporary order prohibiting the speaker of the National Assembly Moses Wetangula from transmitting to the president the approved Finance Bill 2023 if it contains the impugned sections.

The activist says the approach of the  proposed bill is coercive and limits the options which individuals have in choosing their housing plans or how to use their property.

In his petition the senator has also petitioned the presidency for usurping the powers of the legislator and to become a law making organ and pushing for taxation.

This comes against the backdrop of several county leaders rallying legislators to back the bill.

Lamu Governor Issa Timamy says he supports the 3% housing levy proposed by the head of state.

Governor Timamy however states that  bill should enable Kenyans make the payment on their own  volition

Elsewhere Narok County law makers led by Johana Ngeno say they will vote and pass the controversial Finance Bill 2023.

According to Ngeno, the bill is targeting  those who are employed so as to better the lives of the common Mwananchi

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