Mackenzie hired armed criminals to supervise Starvation -KINDIKI

Interior cabinet secretary Kithure Kindiki now says Makenzi had employed armed criminals to supervise followers who were starving.

Kindiki while appearing before the Ad hoc Committee on the Proliferation of Religious Organizations, which is investigating the deaths, said Makenzi had employed criminals to supervise starvation and were killing anyone who changed their mind.

“In the event somebody would change their mind, they would be hit by a blunt object or strangled to death by the supervisors,” he said.

The CS told senators most victims died of starvation but a good number died of injuries inflicted on them by blunt objects or lack of oxygen.

Kindiki said Mackenzie had hired armed criminals to supervise the followers who were starving.

Autopsies on the first 112 bodies showed that most of the victims died of starvation.

Kindiki further revealed that his officers had identified other mass graves.

“Satellite images have shown us there are more mass graves. We are sure of 10 mass graves,” he stated.

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