Court of appeal rejects govt application To import GMO

The Court of Appeal has dismissed an application by the government  to allow importation of Genetically Modified Organisms food in the country

The three judge bench this afternoon dismissed the application saying it lacks merit.

The High Court had last year  suspended the importation of GMO crops and food following petitions challenging the lifting of the ban by President William Ruto administration.

Attorney General Justin Muturi further appealed the decision, and demanded for empanelment of an expanded Bench saying the issues raised by the petitioners; lawyer Paul Mwangi and Kenyan Peasants League were weighty.

Petitioners are opposed to the importation, cultivation and consumption of GMOs on grounds that the decision to lift the ban was not procedural and it was unlawful. They also contend that GMO products pose a health risk to Kenyans, particularly the poor and those with low incomes.

It was the idea of President William Ruto’s administration in October last year to import  GMOs in response to the biting drought that has hit the country leading to food insecurity and livestock deaths.

The Kenya Kwanza administration is now left with the option of moving to the supreme court to appeal the decision by the appellate court .

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