Private Universities welcome new Govt Funding Model

Private universities across the country have agreed with the government’s new funding model for higher education institutions, which will see scholarships offered only to students who join public universities.

In a notice in the local dailies on Thursday, the Kenya Association of Private Universities have underscored the president’s commitment on the new funding, and said they were involved in the discussions surrounding the development of the new model and noted all students will be placed into both private and public universities as per their individual choices.

“Private universities will continue to engage with all stakeholders to ensure that all Kenyan students have equitable access to quality education, research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and employability opportunities for the benefit of their parents, communities, and for the posterity of Kenya,” said the association’s chair, Stephen Ngari.

The private universities said the courses offered in both their KUCCPS  portal for selection by all students.

This is due to the government’s delinking of student placement by KUCCPS from funding under the new model.

Students enrolled to private universities and are from less needy households will receive scholarships of up to 53 per cent and loans of up to 40 per cent.

At the same time able students will be funded up to a maximum of 38 per cent of the cost of the program and 55 per cent in the form of loans.

Those joining TVETs will be funded to the tune of 32 per cent for government scholarships and 48 per cent for government loans.

The application exercise is set to conclude in August and students are expected to report to their respective institutions in September.

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