Sudanese Armed Forces accused of bombing the Old Presidential Palace

Sudan Old Presidential Palace Bombed [Photo: Globe Echo]

Sudan’s Paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have accused the Sudanese Armed Forces of launching airstrikes against the country’s Old Presidential Palace in the capital, Khartoum.

Local media reported heavy bombing of the area, however the army has denied allegations of destroying the palace.

This is even as the RSF said they would reply decisively.

The two warring factions have been engaged in peace talks in Saudi Arabia.

However, there have been few indications of progress towards resolution.

Civilians trapped in the city continue to face deteriorating conditions, with doctors warning of an impending collapse of the healthcare system.

As tensions continue to rise in the capital, the government has struggled to contain the escalating violence.

The RSF has previously been accused of committing human rights violations, including extrajudicial killings.

The attack on the presidential palace marks an escalation in the conflict between the two groups, with potentially devastating consequences for civilians caught in the crossfire.

The international community has now called for an immediate cessation of hostilities, and a renewed effort towards achieving lasting peace in the country.

The Old Republican Palace is located along the Blue Nile River, near the current premises that were inaugurated in January 2015.

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