ACK Church speaks on the issues surrounding the quality of Kenyan education

ACK Archbishop Sapit [Photo: People Daily]

The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) says there is a need to address the issues surrounding the quality of education in the country.

According to the Church, there are serious concerns about the implementation of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), such as inadequate infrastructure and teachers.

Further, ACK Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit says there are reports of an ill-prepared teaching force handling Junior Secondary School (JSS) learners under CBC.

“We take note of the challenges that our children and teachers are facing in the implementation of CBC. There is a need for improvement in the training of teachers, especially those of JSS,” said the archbishop.

On a different note, Sapit addressed the announcement by President William Ruto that the government will no longer fund private universities.

“Universities in Kenya are facing financial struggles. The situation is already beginning to undermine the quality of education. The proposed financing model must ensure that the changes do not open new avenues of corruption,” said Sapit.

Last week, Education Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ezekiel Machogu said the government will stop funding students who qualify for university but opt to join private universities. 

CS Machogu who appeared before the Public Investment Committee on Governance and Education on Thursday, gave the assurance that the government was shifting its policy to ensure that students are placed in public universities. 

This as Members of Parliament lamented over the Ksh.20 billion that was being used to cater for students meant to be in public universities but studying in private universities.

The CS said that the new policy will require a student or parent to make the choice and cater for it.

“We have said that the government is going to place all students into public universities unless a parent has requested otherwise, that we have said and that is now our policy,” said Machogu. 

The Education CS further revealed that the criteria for funding university courses will be based on performance and choice of programme, household income bands, affirmative action, and government priority areas.

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