Azimio To Continue With Their Town Hall Engagements Alongside Bipartisan Talks

Supreme court confirms receiving Odinga’s presidential petition

Azimio la umoja coalition says it will continue with their  town hall engagements even as the parliamentary bipartisan talks continue.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga  said the meetings are aimed at sensitizing their supporters and the general public about their grievances.

“We will continue our engagements with our people through town hall meetings and other avenues to continue educating our people on the issues even as our delegates engage in the talks,” Raila said.

After a de-briefing meeting with its bipartisan committee on Thursday, the council said it will not hesitate to take alternative actions at any slight indication of lack of good will from Kenya Kwanza side.

He ruled out efforts to strike a power-sharing deal with the Kenya Kwanza regime saying talks will strictly center on the four key issues they have raised.

Raila gave the clearest indication that they will resume mass demonstrations should the Kenya Kwanza side attempt dirty tricks during the talks.

On Wednesday, Azimio called off their demonstrations slated for Thursday after Kenya Kwanza removed Eldas MP Adan Keynan from their bipartisan talks team. 

“As we said yesterday, we shall not hesitate to resort to alternative measures at the slightest indication of lack of goodwill and honesty on the Kenya Kwanza side,” Raila said.

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