Read your Bible to Flee from Cults- PCEA’s John Maina

The Kenyan Church becomes the latest to suffer indoctrination leaving over 100 people dead after starving to death in a religious practice of fasting to meet God by end of April 2023.

Search operation in the country’s coveted coastal county, is still underway, grave diggers undoing what they know best, to find persons that might have fallen prey to teachings that the state now condemns.

Pastor Paul Nthenge Mackenzie of Good News International Church has come to the full glare of public limelight being accused of radicalization that has led to the death of 111 people most of whom are children.

The Pastor whose church is said to be in operation for two decades was forced to close down his church as investigations continue

President William Ruto has scathingly added his voice in the massacres and forthwith put measures that will prevent a repeat of the same.

Among the measures include appointment of a judicial commission of inquiry to probe the Shakahola Massacres.

The head of state also vowed to form a task force in consultation with religious leaders to formulate a church self regulatory framework for institutions.

The senate also pledged to form an ad hoc committee that will investigate the happenings in Kilifi county that has had its top police officers, including intelligence suspended.

As the government intensifies its efforts to crack down rogue pastors across the country, the church is now calling for increased bible reading studies in the spaces of worship.

Lang’ata Presbyterian Church of East Africa Parish youth coordinator John Maina says churches world-over have fewer sessions when congregants engage in bible study.

According to John, developing a bible reading culture will evade cases of religious cultism.

”Anyone who professes that Jesus is Lord should read their Bible and stop the behavior of waiting for the pastor every Sunday. Reading the Bible also helps in building Faith in Jesus.”

The youth coordinator who also doubles up as a volunteer in a Christian NGO- World Vision says Christians should otherwise rely on the Bible more than those who speak from the pulpit. He regrets that besides Pastors quoting verses on Sunday very few make the initiative of confirming from the holy scriptures.

John Maina further asks clerics to focus on rearing quality flock arguing that competition among churches to have the most number of congregants has eroded  right doctrinal teachings

“The church in a way is losing it because of competition. If a church has 100 teenagers and the other one has 20, people think the latter are doing well. Then later you hear they were teaching wrong doctrines. The competition of having the highest number is a challenge. The church should focus on the little they have to pass the message but instead focus on increasing the number.”

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