High-profile politicians funding banditry-Kindiki

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki says  the government has identified high profile politicians at different levels who are aiding banditry.

Kithure Kindiki said the government is preparing to charge certain politicians and high profile leaders with banditry.

The CS said intelligence collected so far points to a well-coordinated enterprise involving several politicians and influential individuals financing banditry.

The Cabinet Secretary who was speaking before the Senate Wednesday morning further stated that one of the top bandit commanders had been arrested and is aiding in investigations.

“We have deployed the Special Operations Group which helped us to stabilize Baragoi, where there were gunshots and bloodshed everyday,” Kindiki stated.

“We will win this war. It is either Kenya or the bandits. It is either the law or criminals. Kenya will not give way. The law will not give way. It is the bandits and criminals who give way. We will defeat bandits through intelligence-driven security operations.”

“The gorges and caves where we ordered people to leave in the North Rift region are not areas of habitual residence. We actually learnt that the bandits had invited members of their family to the caves, ravines and gorges to act as human shields,” he said.

The Interior CS  said the government has cleared bandits and other criminals from their hideouts as he declared the ongoing operation in the North Rift a big success.

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