Human-induced factors are the main cause of buildings collapsing

An official from the Institution of Engineers of Kenya Shammah Kiteme says the increase in the number of buildings that are collapsing in the country is caused by human-induced factors.

According to Kiteme,  the factors include actions of omission by players.

The actions include the use of poor construction materials and poor structural designs.

He noted that over 60 buildings have collapsed in the country since 1996 out of 200 people have lost their lives.

“There has been an effort by the national building inspectorate to look at the existing buildings and they carried out investigations on about 15,000 buildings in total and 15 per cent of buildings are safe.

Eight per cent are fair but the rest are unsafe so to say the problem is huge is an understatement,” he said.

He further said that many counties lack registered licensed structural engineers, with the capacity to inspect and carry out quality checks on buildings.

“The enforcement is lacking; you have a building marked X then the developer continues to construct because some of them can dodge the law so it boils down to bad manners, lack of enforcement, and this unending desire to cheat the system,” he added.

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