Mysterious disease kills 5 in northwest Tanzania

Tanzania’s Ministry of Health has reported the emergence of a ‘mysterious’ disease that has so far claimed the lives of five people in Bukoba district.

“It is believed that the disease is infectious. Samples from the dead bodies have been taken to determine what type of disease it is,” said the ministry in a statement.

Reports say another group of about 7 people have contracted the disease.

The seven have exhibited various symptoms including; fever, vomiting, bleeding, and liver failure, with the government dispatching a rapid response team to the affected areas.

Chief Medical Officer Prof Tumaini Nagu says areas which have been affected by the mysterious disease are Bulinda and Butayaieba villages of Maruku and Kanyangereko wards.

“The Government is closely monitoring the situation and taking measures to contain the disease,” said Nagu.

The Health expert has advised anyone who feels high fever, vomiting and Diarrhea and bleeding to immediately report to the health center for investigation and treatments.

She has also advised people to avoid shaking hands with people who have such symptoms.

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