Raila threatens to boycott eggs and other products.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga now says they will boycott Safaricom products .

Speaking in Migori as the mass action kicks off, Odinga said that the safaricom plc company is being used by Ruto’s administration  to undermine democracy in the country.

Odinga also threatened to boycott eggs and other commodities to Azimio la Umoja supporters in the coming week.

“For Eggs and other commodities, our headquarters will issue a statement on the commodities to be boycotted. Now it is time to get to work,” Raila stated.

He also explained that the companies on the list had participated in overturning the election’s victory.

Some of the companies he stated would be on the list cut across food products and the media. 

On the other hand, he called his supporters to back his push aimed at holding the government to account, maintaining that the March 20 mass protests were still on.

“I have said that I am ready to go for the protest on March 20. If I have to be eaten by the crocodile for it to rain, I am ready,” he insisted. 

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