Sifuna accuse government of burdening tax payers with CAS positions

Nairobi senator Edwin Sifuna says that the government has no intention to deal with the question of public spending after the creation of the office of the spouse of the Prime CS.

Sifuna argued that the Kenya Kwanza administration is obsessed with creating positions at the expense of the struggling taxpayers.

The Office of the Spouse to the Prime Cabinet Secretary was launched Last Friday.

The Office was established by the government to complement the work being done by the Office of the First Lady and the Office of the Spouse to the Deputy President.

“It is okay to say we were in a bad place and we need to heal but we need to see all of us must be in that line… When you see people coming up with ridiculous offices that are supposed to be a burden on the public purse like the office of the spouse of the Chief Cabinet Secretary.”

He  raised more queries saying the government didn’t have to come up with Chief Administrative Secretary positions which had seen some people shortlisted by the Public Service Commission to take over those offices.

“Kenyans can see there are no intentions whatsoever for this government to deal with the question of public spending. We have seen a shortlist of people to go into this office called CAS’s,” Sifuna said.

He lauded the decision by Cabinet on Tuesday to lift the ban on the procurement of new Independent Power Producers (IPPs).

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