KUSO disregards recommendations by the presidential working party

The Kenya University Students’ Organisation (KUSO) is calling on the Head of State William Ruto to discredit the recommendations made by the presidential working party on education.

This follows recommendations of a threefold increase in University tuition fees from the current 16,000 shillings to 52,000 shillings per semester.

KUSO Nyanza coordinator Hannington Oguk argued that the report is out of touch with the current financial reality of university students.

He pointed out the disconnect between the recommendations and the Higher Education loan issued to students, which stands at an average 15,000 shillings per semester for each student. 

He noted that the amount can barely sustain the needs of the students with the current subsidized fees.

Oguk further told the President to consider increasing capitation to universities, saying this will enable students from humble backgrounds earn money during their period of study in universities.

Among other recommendations by the presidential working party on education included; the increase of enrolment of students in teachers training colleges from the current number of 3,922 students across all 34 institutions countrywide, and expanding the space for Technical and Vocational Training by establishing such institutes across the country.

Further, the task force recommended that while the president continues to be the appointing authority for chancellors, the views of the universities Senate and the Ministry of Education should be sought before such appointments are made.

It also asked the government to fill the position of 28 chancellor positions in various universities.

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