Court gives the go ahead to accept applications for CASs posts

[Photo: Kenya News Agency]

Justice Monica Mburu of the Employment Court has given the Public Service Commission the go ahead to accept applications for the posts of Chief Administrative Secretaries, dismissing a petition filed by the Law Society of Kenya.

In her ruling, Justice Mburu found that the Public Service Commission followed due process, noting that the decision to create the position was lawful.

In their petition to the court, LSK argued that the Public Service Commission violated the Constitution by advertising for the CAS positions without disclosing to the public the effect of hiring persons who are not identified by the Constitution.

The society also argued that CASs have a similar role as Principal Secretaries, and will further deplete Kenyans’ pockets as they will further stretch an already bloated civil service.

However, judge Mburu dismissed the petition and ruled in favor of the government, allowing them to proceed with the appointment of the CASs.

President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the creation of the CAS position in every ministry on January 26, 2018.

A Chief Administrative Secretary reports to the Cabinet Secretary in the performance of his/her duties, and some of their duties include responding to issues or questions touching on the portfolio assigned to the office, providing liaison with the National Assembly and Senate as well as representing the Cabinet Secretary at any meeting as instructed by the CS.

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