Pst Dorcas Gachagua: Lack of Chaplaincy Causes Gaysm Among Youths

[Wife to DP Rigathi Gachagua, Dorcas Gachagua. Photo: The Standard]

Wife to deputy president Dorcas Gachagua has vowed to build capacity among the boy child during her five stint as second lady.

Dorcas today met with various religious leaders to look into ways that the said gender would be guided into notable persons in the community.

According to the second lady, lack of guidance and chaplaincy has made boys result in sexual immorality.

The second lady had  met with the inspector general of police earlier to foster chaplaincy and mentorship in institutions that house male figures.

According to Dorcas Gachagua, prisons and boy schools lack the capacity to counsel the boychild.

Speaking after a meeting with the IG in his office this morning Pastor Dorcas said her office is committed to offering the service to police officers whose lives are affected by drugs and substance abuse.

“We have envisioned a service that we want to dignify. We may not give money but we will offer our support because we love them. Under the programme we will offer spiritual nourishment, mentorship to promote a balanced service,” she said.

Pastor Dorcas also emphasized that her office will organize mass weddings for the police, in conjunction with the police service, to encourage strong and stable families and the growth of family values and, consequently, reduce cases of stress and depression in the service.

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