Quite a number  of Kenyans now prefer ordering kibandaski food  and local street food shops, the latest industry report by Glovo  has revealed.

Food delivery platform Glovo says the company’s data in the Kenyan market shows a 160 per cent increase in local food orders compared to 2021.

The reports show that the increase of available new kibandas and local street food shops in the app has had a ripple effect and demonstrates that there is a clear preference for local foods such chapati beans and rice beans.

As of 2022 Glovo had onboarded over 1100 kibandas on the  app.

“We are delighted with the results of the Kenyan market in 2022 and we expect to grow in the coming years by understanding our consumer everyday needs,” Glovo Kenya general manager Caroline Mutuku said.

Online deliveries are growing rapidly as customers discover convenience on all levels, be it product customisation, mobile-optimized search, quick checkout processes, or hassle-free delivery.

In the food category, Sundays are noted to have the highest number of orders being made around 2 pm-3 pm.

The orders mostly range from different cuisines such as American, Italian, and local food, these include Burgers, Pizza and Kibanda food. 

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