Parts of Nairobi, Kiambu & Homa Bay experience power outage

A KPLC Official on duty [Photo: Metropol TV]

Locals of several estates in Nairobi, Kiambu and Homa Bay counties are currently experiencing power blackouts.

This is after Kenya Power issued a statement indicating that the blackouts are due to scheduled maintenance.

In Nairobi, the outage is being experienced in Joska and Mirema areas.

It started at 9AM, with the electricity company saying it will restore power at 5PM.

The outage is affecting Ruai Shopping Center, Ruai Police, Ruai DC, Githunguri, Block 10, Makongeni, Stage 26, Twin Bird, Kipawa, Made in the Streets, Kingoris, Kamulu, Reflector, Brookshire, Ngong and adjacent customers.

In Mirema, Kenya Power says those affected include Mirema Drive, Burberry Hotel, Ponty Pridd Holdings Ltd, Mirema Spring Estate and adjacent customers.

Meanwhile, areas around Kirigiti, Riabai, Mboi Kamiti, Migaa Estate, St. Anne’s Lioki, Karia Mkt, Todas Bar, Waironjo, Ngurunga Farm, Kifisha Farm, Nyara, Kanjimbi, Marion School, Shawazi, Gulmerg in Kiambu County are experiencing the blackout that started at 8AM, and will end at 5PM.

In Homa Bay, Mbita Town, Rusinga Island, Waondo, Luanda and ICIPE Institute have not had power from 9AM.

Power will be restored at 3 PM.

Kenya Power has apologized for any inconvenience caused, assuring that all efforts will be made to restore power as quickly as possible

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