India says syrups linked to Gambia deaths had no contaminants

India says the tests it carried out on Indian-made cough syrups connected to the deaths of nearly 70 children in The Gambia have shown no contamination.

This is after the World Health Organization had earlier said initial tests of four products found unacceptable levels of potentially toxic chemicals.

The children died from acute kidney failure after taking the medicines produced by Maiden pharma and exported to The Gambia.

Maiden Pharmaceuticals says it adheres to internationally recognized quality-control standards.

But some of its products have failed to meet national or state-level quality-control standards in India.

The company has responded by defending its manufacturing process, and India’s federal drug regulator¬†has disputed WHO’s findings.

India exports medicines to over 200 countries and contributes to a large generic market in the United States. Its pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest by volume and has a current turnover of $50 Billion.

But critics say that government oversight is sorely lacking, which can breed conditions that lead to dangerous violations.

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