EPRA announces the new  fuel prices

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) on Wednesday, December 14, announced the new fuel prices ahead of the festive season .

The prices of Super petrol  will retail at Ksh177 for Super Petrol, Diesel at Ksh162, and Kerosene at Ksh145.9 per litre. The prices are set to take effect on December 15, 2022, at midnight. 

“The maximum retail prices of petroleum products will be in force from December 15 2022 to January 14, 2023.

In the period under review, the maximum allowed petroleum pump prices for Super Petrol, Diesel, and Kerosene remain unchanged.

In Nairobi, Super Petrol will retail at Ksh177.30, Diesel at Ksh162.00 and Kerosene will retail at Ksh145.94. While in Kisumu, Super Petrol will retail at Ksh177.50, Diesel at Ksh162.70, and Kerosene at Ksh146.66. 

In Nakuru, motorists will part with Ksh172.62 for Super Petrol, Ksh161.83 for Diesel, and Ksh145.79 for Kerosene. While their counterparts in Eldoret will part with Ksh177.50 for Super Petrol, Ksh162.72 for Diesel, and Ksh146.67 for Kerosene.

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