Four digital cabs approved by NTSA to operate in the country

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) have issued a list of five digital ride-hailing operators licensed to operate in Kenya.

The gazettement came after customers raised concerns about their physical and financial safety.

A notice issued by the George Njao-led agency comes after the gazettement of the Transportation Network Companies, (Drivers and Passengers) Rules 2022 on June 20.

 This exercise is part of ongoing attempts to harmonize the digital taxi industry and reduce friction between cab drivers, passengers and companies that run the apps.

NTSA issued a list of the companies allowed to operate in the country, which comprises Kenyan company Little Limited which runs the Little Ride taxis; US company Uber and Estonian company Bolt.

A new player in the market is Yego Global, a Rwandan taxi operator. NTSA in a follow-up notice also said another operator, Farasi Cabs, had fully complied with the stipulated licensing requirements and has been issued with a license.

Farasi has capped its rate at 15 per cent against the recommended 18 per cent.

The gazettement comes in the backdrop of a row between taxi drivers and the transport companies over the commission charged.

Drivers of major digital taxi platforms across major towns in Kenya last week downed their tools in protest of non-compliance by the transport network companies to observe NTSA’s 18 per cent recommendation.

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