Cleric in Uganda urges leaders to believe in science

Cleric in Uganda urges leaders to believe in science

A prominent Christian cleric in Uganda has warned that extreme faith can sometimes lead to mistakes, and has urged religious leaders to believe in science.

The comments by Reverend Daniel Tokens came as Uganda is grappling with an Ebola outbreak which has so far claimed 19 lives, including one in the capital, Kampala.

In the latest measure to curb the spread of the disease, President Yoweri Museveni ordered traditional healers and herbalists not to treat people who have Ebola-like symptoms.

Witchdoctors, traditionalists and herbalists should not accept sick people now. Suspend what you are doing,” Museveni said.

The reverend, who is in charge of Spirituality and Mindset Change at the Inter-religious Council of Uganda, now agrees with President Museveni’s directive.

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