Ngirici drops the case challenging governor Waiguru’s election

Wangui Ngirici [Photo: The Star]

Kirinyaga governor candidate in the 9th of August General Election Wangui Ngirici has filed a request for the withdrawal of an election petition challenging the re-election of county governor Anne Waiguru.

In a statement, Ngirici said the move follows soul searching and wide consultation with her supporters.

“After serious soul searching and wide consultation with my supporters and UDA and Kenya Kwanza leadership, I have decided to take a bold step; One that does not serve to advantage me or disorganize and disenfranchise the governor but one that serves the full advantage to the people of Kirinyaga.

I have gone against strong tides of pressure to press on with the court battle and resolved to withdraw the petition challenging governor Waiguru’s victory, not because we didn’t have facts nor pregnant grounds to see the petition to the end but to allow the people of Kirinyaga to enjoy uninterrupted services,” she said.

Ngirici then said she would support governor Waiguru in her leadership.

“I wish to grant the governor the full benefit, space and enough legroom too, without any excuse nor interruptions, discharge her duties to our people as the County Head and the Chair of the Council of Governors delivering to the people of Kirinyaga is more important to me than political victory.”

Kerugoya High Court Judge Richard Mwongo granted Ngirici her request and said the court will give further directions into the application on 24th of October 2022.

“The court has given us time to file that application…7 days. We will file the application and serve upon the respondents, and then the respondents will respond to the application and we’ll come back on the 24th of this month. If the court allows that, then we will withdraw the petition, if it does not, we will proceed,” said Ngirici’s lawyer Brian Khaemba.

Waiguru won the August 9 Kirinyaga gubernatorial election with 113,088 votes, followed by Ngirici with 105,667 votes, and Charles Kiburi in a distant third place with 22,065 votes.

However Ngirici filed a petition challenging the win saying she had evidence that the outcome of the poll was manipulated.

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